Hello High Octane Ladies!

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Essentially Woman provides real world Career Coaching, Management and Leadership Coaching, Productivity and Time Management Coaching, as well as Coaching to Balance It All.  Our goal is to ensure that today’s professional women have the resources required to experience true success.

“There is a phenomenal woman in all of us and Essentially Woman can help you find her.”

~ Ganelle Elliott

For She Who Wants It All

Women are wonderfully diverse creatures, who can be both simple and complex at the same time.  Gone are the simple days of yesteryear when preparing the kids for school, and preparing dinner were all that She cared for. Women are so much more than the wiper of noses, kisser of cheeks, and prepers of meals.  Today’s woman is juggles the world on her shoulders and more.  She is also the writer of proposals, designer of business systems, team player and team leader.  Today’s woman is a woman who cares about more than just herself, her career, her family, but cares about everything and her ability to do it all and have it all.

This organization is dedicated to today’s professional woman who wants it all and more.  With Essentially Woman, She can develop the management and leadership skills at any level, to unlock her ultimate potential and accelerate her professional career.  Together we celebrate the victories and bounce back from defeats.

Coaching Essential To Today's Professional Woman

Who Is Today's Woman?

Is she a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, a mother? We have been so wrapped up in defining ourselves by the things that we do that we have forgotten to define ourselves by who we truly are.

In the demanding pace of today’s global economy, today’s woman faces many challenges as She strives to find the ultimate balance in life. The notion of success has surpassed solely being the nurturing caregiver for her family.  She not only cares for her family, but also juggles health, fitness, relationships, and career.  Today’s woman is a capable business woman and success is now shaped in her ability to manage a hectic professional career and lead others into the future.

Empower Yourself With Coaching

You worked your heart out to make it, but to you have the skills to stay sharp and get you to to the next level?  The Essentially Woman results based approach will empower you with the strategy, focus and accountability to achieve the consistent results you desire. 

Reach your peak performance and achieve lasting results.