Who Are We?

Who Is Essentially Woman?

Created by women and for women, Essentially Woman is a professional success center.  Our goal is to provide relevant, real world management and leadership resources that will empower today’s woman to create the professional and career success that she strives for.

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Our Mission

To unlock the greatness within every woman and enable her to achieve her ultimate success.

Our Vision

To assist women at all levels to develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Purpose

To provide exception a coaching crafted from actionable real world scenarios.

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We Believe

We believe that every woman contains the power within her to become an amazing and invaluable leader.  Whether she’s a team contributor, manager, or supervisor, we believe that the women of today are our leaders of tomorrow.

We believe in timeless principles of leadership.  We not only practice the principles that we teach, but we live by them every day.  Every training, principle, or concept was crafted from real world situations that occur daily within modern organizations.  We are more than just training and education providers, we experience the challenges that Today’s Woman faces every day and can pass on proven methodologies to be successful in today’s fast paced business environment.

We believe that every woman deserves to enjoy the success that She has dreamed of.  Success is not just a goal, but it is a core belief at Essentially Woman.  If She cannot take a piece of information and put it into action immediately, then that piece of information does not meet our success criteria.  We believe there is enough fluff out there and we will not be a party to creating more.  We keep our content current, relevant, and actionable by discussing the real world challenges of today’s ever changing global organization.

From Our Founder

“My background is in technology and I know the struggles of each and every professional woman in this field. After I searched for but failed to find resources to help me, I began to create my own training curriculum that were pieced together from multiple sources and tested in daily situations. All of this real world learning made me a respected peer, trusted adviser, and success in my own industry. After learning that so many women were leaving the technology sector primarily for a lack of outlet and growth, I became dedicated to helping other women break though their glass ceilings and reap the rewards of their hard work and dedication to their careers. Although, Essentially Woman is dedicated to all women, we have a special place in our hearts for the courageous women in STEM. Ladies, I salute you.”

~Ganelle Elliott

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