Coaching Services

Real World Coaching Designed For YOu

Each of our various coaching curriculum, from the core concepts, to the exercises, to action plan, to sustainability practices, are all developed from experiences obtained in the professional global organization.  These are real world scenarios, actions, and strategies that have been identified as the core foundation of success by professional women such as yourself.

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Career Coaching

We have been taught to go to college and get a job. But has anyone ever answered the question, “And then what?” Essentially Woman’s Career Coaching is designed to help you get “unstuck” and unlock your true career potential. Gain the knowledge to understand the next step of your career and understand what you need to get there. Understand the steps to be recognized and respected among your peers and within your industry.

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Management Coaching

Management Coaching aims to enhance your ability to contribute to the effectiveness of your organization. Transition from invaluable worker to success manager. Understand when and how to delegate tasks to others. Learn how to streamline processes and improve performance of both individuals and the organization. Develop your self-awareness to evaluate your performance in particular situations as well as the unconscious factors that impact your performance.

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching at every level of her career. Leadership is more than someone who just knows the direction in which to take, but someone who can also execute the tasks necessary to move in that direction; knowing and doing are not the same thing. Today’s leader is not just a person of character – they are a person of character who can execute and get the job done. Essentially Woman’s Leadership Coaching will help you develop your skillsets to bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

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Productivity Coaching

While we are at work, we are thinking about all of the things that we need complete at home. While we are at home, are thinking of all of the challenges that we need to resolve at work. The question isn’t “Is there enough time in the day?”, but rather “How do I maximize the time that I have?” Learn to break free of this lack of focus and spend your time and energy on the highest priority issues to be effective at both work and home.

We Help You Succeed

With a coaching curriculum that evolves at the speed of modern business, there’s no need to worry about outdated material, tools, or competencies:

    Identify strengths and development needs then leverage existing strengths and improve performance.

    Stay on track with an accountability strategy outlined within an action plan

    Experience positive and sustainable behavior changes that will propel you through any situation.

    Enhanced career planning and development with an action-oriented plan.

    Receive regular feedback and support that reinforces professional growth.

Looking For More?

Are you looking for a different training that what is outlined above?  Please contact us and inquire about our one-on-one or group coaching.